Monday, March 30, 2009

Dusting off the cob webs

After the long winter it is time to start spring cleaning! Not only my house but it is a time to clean out the old ideas and thoughts from last year. I have been making a list of new things to make for my website and my shows and a list of things that I have to do around the house and what I am going to plant in the garden. After comparing the lists side by side, I have decided that I may not get everything done before spring actually blooms, but I am leaning toward getting my garden started, doing some spring cleaning and then I'll have time to make all the new items for my website and craft shows. As long as I get one item from my spring cleaning done a week it will leave me plenty of time to do what I love the most - creating and I have fully resigned myself to not feel guilty for spending alot of time doing my art, it is like raising your children, the housework can wait!

I will be posting my newsletter in the next few days so check back often. The newsletter will have a special discount, edible recipes, crafting tips & crafting recipes. I hope you enjoy it.

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Until then - God Bless everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Holidays flew by too fast

How sad that the holidays flew by. I have already started to count down to Christmas and know that there are 357 days left! But getting back to reality, it's time to start planning for new primitives and colonial wares to add to my website. There are so many ideas in my head and I have started to write them down so I won't forget.
We have decided to start publishing our rug hooking patterns and my husband is already cutting out our new line of Early Foot Stools and Benches and he has made some terrific primitive potting tables and wonderful bowl keeps. I want to keep them all for myself but he insists that I list them on our website. I will post pics of these treasures shortly.
I just completed a primitive bee skep that turned out different than most that I have seen and I believe that you will like it (I have listed a pic here on the blog).
You can see all of my creations on my website:
I hope everyone had a truly blessed Christmas and I am keeping the faith that everyone will be protected in this new year.