Monday, March 30, 2009

Dusting off the cob webs

After the long winter it is time to start spring cleaning! Not only my house but it is a time to clean out the old ideas and thoughts from last year. I have been making a list of new things to make for my website and my shows and a list of things that I have to do around the house and what I am going to plant in the garden. After comparing the lists side by side, I have decided that I may not get everything done before spring actually blooms, but I am leaning toward getting my garden started, doing some spring cleaning and then I'll have time to make all the new items for my website and craft shows. As long as I get one item from my spring cleaning done a week it will leave me plenty of time to do what I love the most - creating and I have fully resigned myself to not feel guilty for spending alot of time doing my art, it is like raising your children, the housework can wait!

I will be posting my newsletter in the next few days so check back often. The newsletter will have a special discount, edible recipes, crafting tips & crafting recipes. I hope you enjoy it.

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Until then - God Bless everyone!